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you can never “just be friends” with someone you fell in love with.

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“ I saw the good in all of your bad

my life has gotten to the point where i dont even know anything anymore. everything is beginning to feel pointless. how can someone walk into your life, love you from the inside out, show you how beautiful the world can be, and then walk away, taking every color out of you like it never meant anything. no matter how strong you are or pretend to be, you can only take so much until you can’t take it anymore. 



do celebrities listen to their own music


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remember swine flu reblog if ur a tru 2009 kid

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Tumblring on my phone
Mom: who are you texting?
Me: nobody
Mom: what are you doing then?
Me: nothing


*walks past the gym carrying extra large pizza*

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look whos still single in 2014

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Dear dark skin girls



Never be afraid to wear all the bright colors you want. You do not have to stick to the purples, dark blues & blacks because they’re more “suitable” for your dark skin, and bright colors make your dark skin “stand out” too much.

Fuck that.

Wear the all the neons, pinks, yellows, bright red, white and anything else you want because your dark skin is beautiful and should flaunt it all you want. 


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my last words will probably be sarcastic

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